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Are you an attorney or financial advisor?

We are not attorneys nor are we financial advisors, however, we partner with these resources, when needed, to ensure that every task that we complete for you is under their advisement. And if you do not have an estate attorney or financial advisor and your estate requires or would benefit from these resources, we are happy to connect you with our extensive network.

Do I need to live in Middle Tennessee to be able to hire Sunny Care Services?

We do not need you or your family members to live in Middle Tennessee, however, to best serve your family it is ideal that your lost loved one lived in Middle Tennessee (or the surrounding areas) when he or she passed. This allows us to be able to search the house for important information that you may not be able to locate (i.e. account information, services that need to be canceled, etc) and meet resources at the home such as realtors, estate sale companies, and dumpster pick up. If you are not sure if we can service your loved one’s estate due to location, please contact us and we will be happy to let you know if we can help.

What if I don’t want to share my loved one’s sensitive information with you? How do I know you won’t steal my lost loved one's identity?

Protecting your family’s private information is our utmost priority at Sunny Care Services and we delete any sensitive information relating to your family from our records once the work within your lost loved one’s estate is closed. That said, however, we do typically need to provide identifying information such as account names, death certificates, etc. to organizations in order to close out accounts and shut down services. We are happy to have further conversations with you about what work needs to be done to close out your loved one’s life and then determine the best way to access the information we need but in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

How soon after a loss do you start working with families?

We typically start working you and your family a few weeks after the loss of your loved one, however, we are happy to talk with you anywhere between the time of immediately losing a loved one up to years after losing a loved one. We want to provide answers and clarity to families experiencing a loss and are happy to provide guidance whenever a family needs it. Our After Loss Checklist is a great place to start if you haven’t checked it out already.

What is the Difference between your executor services and after loss support?

In our Executor Services offering, we serve as the named executor in the estate, taking on the responsibility and liability of the executor position. 

In our After Loss Support service offering, we serve as a legal agent on behalf of the executor in the estate, meaning that we are able to make phone calls and close accounts on behalf of the executor, but the executor is still the person in charge, always giving us approval before any action is taken.  

How are you able to make phone calls and close accounts for my lost loved one if you are not a family member or executor of the estate?

When you choose for Sunny to complete the After Loss Plan for you, we ask that you sign an agreement that allows Sunny Care Services to act as a legal agent on behalf of you, the executor. Essentially this legal agency agreement allows Sunny to make phone calls, close accounts, coordinate resources on the executor’s behalf yet the executor still maintains the responsibility and control over what actions can be completed by Sunny. Sunny Care Services only takes action on tasks after receiving full approval from you and your family.

Can I gift Sunny Care Services to a family member or friend?

Yes, we are so happy to see this kind of generosity given to someone you love! What you are giving your family member or friend is peace of mind to know that it is taken care of-whether that be getting their estate documentation organized or closing out a lost loved one’s life. We are knowledgeable, organized, and gentle with the families we serve-ensuring everything is handled for them. No task is too big or small. If you are interested in gifting Sunny Care Services to a friend or family member, please contact us to learn more.

Can I prepay for Sunny Care Services After Loss Support for myself?

Yes, we do offer a prepayment option of our after loss support package, as we think this a thoughtful way to ensure there is someone supporting your family and taking on the burdensome tasks of closing out your life after you pass. We ask that if you are considering prepaying for our after loss support package, Sunny Care Services’ review your current estate documentation and organization to determine if we are a good fit to support you and your family.

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