2020 Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2020 gift guide. This is not the gift guide that’s here to tell you to buy that new jacket or the latest gadget, BUT we do have some great ideas that are practical, thoughtful and all around awesome gifts for those in your life.

For your mom who only cares about spending time with her kids and “doesn’t want any gifts”:

  • My Life in 10 app: How many times do you get all your family together and wish later that you had documented more of the time together? What I love about the My Life in 10 app is that it’s an organized place for all important family memories and even better, the app will walk you through fun questions to ask your family members to make the documentation more intentional and meaningful. An annual subscription is only $29.99 and such a thoughtful gift for you mom!

  • Legacy Box: If you are like any normal family out there, you most likely have tons of photos and videos lying around that you have no idea what to do with. Legacy Box digitizes all of those photos and videos so that you can easily share them. 60% off right now with the code THANKS and sets ranging from $27-$400 depending on how much you want to digitize.

For your cousin the tech nerd who impossible to shop for:

  • Last Pass Password Manager: I am telling you this is the gift that keeps on giving. Password managers are not only so easy to set up, but they are also super secure and have amazing features like letting you know when you’re information is being traded on the dark web. Last Pass is having a sale of 40% premium ($3/mo), so don’t miss out!


  • Everplans subscription: Your uncle may think his Google Doc of all his important information is flawless, but has he seen Everplans? It’s a secure online repository of EVERYTHING your family would need to know if something were to happen to you AND it has a functionality that delivers this information to family members when they need the information most. For only $75 for an annual membership, this is a great practical gift to get your family organized. Full disclosure, I do have a professional license with Everplans but that was purchased only after I used Everplans personally for several years and loved it!

For your friend that is grieving and doesn’t want any more food sent to the house:

  • The Loss Box: I am constantly on the hunt for good gifts for friends and family going through a hard time, and there are so few sympathy gifts out there that don’t feel cheesy. Loss boxes are quite literally the opposite of cheesy. These boxes are gorgeous and so carefully curated to make the recipient feel cared for. Loss Boxes range from $82 to $115 and they have a variety of themes for those struggling with different kinds of pain. So recommend you check them out! ***small business


  • Online Therapy with a local counseling group or with services like TalkSpace: Before you go judging me on this one, let me just say that as someone who has sought out counseling myself, sometimes the hardest part of getting help is starting the process. A large part of grieving is sometimes just having someone to talk to and I think giving your friend a nudge might be the most helpful thing for them. Of course, this is not for everyone but at Sunny, we are big believers in counseling! For Middle TN followers, we recommend Sage Hill Counseling and Nick McCollum Counseling.

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