Sunny Serves

What is it

We recognize that losing a loved one can be a financially burdensome time, yet families still have a need for guidance and helping hands to close out their loved one’s life and complete the to do’s of notifying organizations, completing paperwork, making phone calls etc. 

The Sunny Serves program offers pro bono services up to 10 hours for a family needing Sunny Care Services help with these tasks after losing a loved one. 

How to Apply

If you or someone you know would benefit from our services after the loss of a loved one, please fill out this application and submit. Sunny will select one individual or family per quarter to help (4 families per year). 

All applicants will be contacted within 2-3 business days of application submission. 


As always, Sunny Care Services does not provide legal or financial advice and would not be providing these services to recipients of the Sunny Serves program.