Our Services 

You want to do right by your family but have no idea where to start. We are here to be your navigator through aging loved ones and loss. 

At Sunny, we want to serve as your guide, extra pair of hands, and your organized sidekick to get everything done for you that you don’t have time for.


Senior Living Transition

You are moving a loved one into senior living and facing the emotional stress that comes with the transition as well as the logistical stress. We manage all of the logistics and often forgotten tasks so your priority can be settling your loved one into their new environment.

Hiring Resources

We assess what resources are needed to successfully move your loved one into their senior living community-whether that be movers, decluttering services, estate sale companies, etc. We reach out to the vendors and compile quotes as well as pro/cons of each, so you can see how we came to our final recommendation. We then manage these resources for you, fielding their questions and coordinating their service times, so you do not have to be involved. 

Turning Off Services

Many of your loved one’s current household and personal services will not be needed once they are moved into a senior living community. We thoroughly review each service in your loved one’s name to determine if it needs to be cancelled and then review our proposed list with you before taking action. Once approved, we handle the cancellation process for you.  

Resettlement and Changing of Address

A lot can get forgotten in a move,  that’s why we systematically go through each account and piece of mail to ensure that a change of address has been put in for all important accounts. We also ensure your loved one has everything he or she needs in their new space, whether that be successful connection to cable and internet or completion of their move.  

Estate Documentation Organization

You may lose sleep wondering what your family would do if anything happened to you. We work with you to organize all of your most critical estate related information so that your family knows exactly where everything is when they need it most.

Audit your existing documentation

Our first step in organizing your estate documentation is to first see what you have. We complete a review of all of your insurance policies and 401k to ensure you have the beneficiaries you want, and we reach out to your estate attorney and financial advisors to collect any other relevant information. 

Compiling Important Documents and info

We know what little known or often forgotten information is critical to sharing with your loved ones. We will compile (or order, if you do not have a copy) of all of your most important documents as well as other information like:

  • what is the unlock code to your phone?
  • who is listed on your utilities as an account holder?
  • what are the answers to your secret questions?
  • what do you want for your body and services if something were to happen to you?
Creating a central repository

Once we compile all of the documents and information, we can organize it into one central repository for you, whether that is online through our partnership with Everplans or in a physical notebook you can put in your home safe.

Keeping your info Up to date

As part of our estate organization services, we will check in with you yearly to ensure the information we initially organized is still up to date and reflects your most accurate wishes.  

After Loss Support

You have lost a loved one and you want to grieve and focus on your family, but now you also have to take care of tedious tasks like closing accounts and selling property.  We know what needs to be done and will take on all the tactical tasks so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Notifying organizations

Often times, the first thing we recommend that we handle after losing a loved one is notifying organizations like Social Security, Life Insurance, and Credit Reporting Institutions.  We then notify organizations other identity holding organizations, providing proper documentation to ensure there is no identity theft in your lost loved one’s name.   

Cancelling Services

Subscription services and other non-essential reoccurring charges in your lost loved one’s name will quickly add up. We do a systematic review of all accounts to ensure we shut down any unnecessary services and get refunds back to your family. 

Securing Online Presence

A large part of our and our loved one’s lives are now online-from social media, to email, to money transfer services, etc.  We search through each account in your loved one’s name to properly archive, transfer assets, or closeout to prevent identity theft.  

Sourcing and Hiring Vendors

Now that your loved one is no longer here, you may need to sell their house, car, or other assets.  We identify what resources are needed,  whether that is a realtor, an estate sale company, antique appraisers, etc. We then hire them and then manage them until the work is done, leaving you out of the endless back and forth. 

Executor Services

Our Executor Services is similar to the After Loss Support service line, however in this service line we are serving as a named executor in the estate. We assume the role and responsibility of serving as executor, while still keeping all beneficiaries in the loop.  

Getting your estate organized

In order to best serve as executor for your estate, we want understand what your wishes are and where all of your important documentation is stored.  Within our executor services, you receive our Estate Documentation Organization package which includes the option of storing your estate related information within our partner site Everplans or in a physical notebook.  

Distributing Assets

As part of the executor services line, we will manage all assets at the time of passing until the estate is closed. We then will distribute the assets as the will states.  

Sourcing and Hiring Vendors

As executor, we determine what resources are needed to successful close the estate according the the will, whether that is to sell their house, car, or other assets.   We source resources like realtors, estate sale companies, antique appraisers, etc. and then hire and then manage them until the work is done..

Finalizing estate

We work closely with the estate attorney to ensure that we are complying with the probate court and the estate attorney’s advice before taking action to close accounts and other services.  

How it works

You Schedule a Call

Schedule your first call with us or visit our Get Started page. In our first call, we will ask a few high-level questions about your situation and make sure we are a good fit for your needs as well as explain more about our process.

We Get the Details

Once we know we are a good fit, Sunny will meet with you and your family in person or over the phone to complete our formal intake session. In this meeting, you can expect us to ask questions relating to your situation and what tasks feel most burdensome to you.

We Take it From There

After we complete our intake session, we put together a plan of everything that needs to be done (think of it as a roadmap!) that we first review with you and your family, and then we complete the plan for you, keeping you in the loop as go.

Documents & Info We Use*

Death Certificate

For After Loss Support and Executor Services only-the death certificate is the main document we use to close accounts- verifying a lost loved one’s person’s and legitimacy of their passing. 

Legal Documents

For Executor Services-Legal documents such as the Last Will and Testament provide a roadmap for how you or your loved one want the estate settled and assets distributed.

Account Statements

Bank and credit card statements show us what services and subscriptions you or your loved one was paying for and what we need to cancel.

Financial Documents

Financial statements can show us what services and subscriptions you or your loved one was paying for and what we need to cancel. In addition, tax returns can provide helpful information about investments and other assets.

Email and Phone Access

You or your loved one’s email and cell phone provide helpful insight into subscriptions and accounts we need to be aware of and what we need to close down.

Physical Mail

You or your loved one’s mail can also contain important information about utilities, services, subscriptions, etc.

*Don’t know where these documents are? That’s ok-we can handle that too!