Grief is Hard… Here Are Some Podcasts that Help

Our intern, Camryn has completed her summer internship with us and before she left, we had her do a round up of the best grief podcasts out for processing grief. Read on to see which podcasts made her top list and why.

Mourning, sadness, loneliness… These are all words that describe what it feels like to be in a season of grief. People grieve in different ways, and no “one” way is the “right” way. Of the various emotions people feel when they are grieving, loneliness tends to be the most overwhelming and isolating feeling. The loneliness could stem from the absence of the lost loved one, the distance that grew while you were taking care of yourself in this difficult time, or even feeling like no one understands what your grief feels like.

When words fail us and we feel that no one else understands our sadness, it is so helpful to hear other people process their own grief and articulate some of the things maybe you can’t yourself. You feel less alone and are can hear another person’s own journey with their loss or grief.

Today, we are looking at podcasts that take on the topic of grieving, hope, and all that happens in between. 
The podcasts included below are just a few that caught my attention when searching for ones that tackled grieving. Some you may love, some you may hate, and others you may just not understand or relate to… and that is okay. Grief and grieving isn’t one size fits all. Each individual handles grief and loss differently. What works for you may not work for others.  

If you want to laugh and cry:

  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking– If it’s possible for a grief podcast to make you laugh and cry in the same episode, this podcast does it. Nora McInerny is an amazing storyteller and this podcast is sometimes reverent, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes hilarious, and always heart wrenching. This podcast is so so good and as a widow herself (I highly recommend you listen to her journey of loss), Nora is a master at observing a story from all sides and teaching along the way. Recommended Episode: Episode 45 How Are You?
  • What’s Your Grief What’s Your Grief podcast is another no fluff, straight shooting podcast that digs deep into specialized topics around grief such as Holiday Grief, Parenting through Grief, Dating a Widower, etc. I love the hosts Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams who are mental health professionals and also power the website They are so insightful while also making the podcast enjoyable to listen to on extremely tough topics of loss. Recommended EpisodeCoping with Identity Changes After a Loss
  • Grief Out Loud-Keeping with the theme of candid and honest talk about grief, this podcast has a great mix of personal stories and lessons learned from people who have been through the worst and made it out the other side. Recommended Episode: Episode 106 Grief and Anxiety

If you’re ready to dig in:

  • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown I cannot say enough great things about this podcast. If you have not heard of Brene Brown, then let me just tell you, buckle up. Brene brings truth like no one else. This podcast is not focused on grief exclusively, (however see the recommended episode for an amazing episode on grief) but there is not a single episode that I don’t take away some revelation or insight about myself, my relationships, or how we move throughout the world. Recommended episode- David Kessler and Brene on Grief and Finding Meaning

If you just want to feel comfort:

  • Good Grief with Cheryl Jones– The host of this podcast, Cheryl Jones, has a style that is just soothing and calming. Even her voice stays at a steady pitch which is just nice when you need that. Cheryl’s podcast, similar to the other podcasts listed, features guests who have a deep experience with grief and are often authors on grief. So much is helpful in listening to this podcast to know you are not alone. Recommended Episode: What Really Matters

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