How I use Google Dashboard to close out a lost loved one’s life

Most of us have something set up in Google, right? Whether that’s a gmail account, youtube account, google docs, google photos, and oh my goodness the list can go for days. Google has figured out a way to integrate into almost every aspect of our lives, for better or good.

Here’s something I’ve recently discovered that I wanted to share with you: When I work with families who have recently lost a loved one, I am always looking for the most efficient ways to close out the lost loved one’s accounts and recently while working on closing out my client’s deceased husband’s accounts, I came across his Google Dashboard.

Do you know what the Google Dashboard is?

It’s exactly what it sounds like and is SO HELPFUL! It’s essentially a view of every google product you have activated and used within the Google Suite. Here’s what it looks like:

As you can see, this lists out every google product that was used and what is the quantity of items in each product. For instance, it says there are 400+ files in Google Drive.

This kind of information helps me immensely in knowing what I need to access and transfer to surviving family members and what I also need to ultimately close down.

How do you find your Google Dashboard or your lost loved one’s Google Dashboard? Caveat that this does require you to be signed into your or your lost loved one’s google account in order to access.

  1. Once you are logged in, you can access by going to the direct link here or searching “Google Dashboard” and it will take you directly to the Dashboard associated with the account that is logged in.
  2. From there, you can see each product within the Google Suite that was activated from that account.
  3. You can click on each product that will show you a dropdown of the most recent activity and a link that leads you directly to that product.

More about Google Dashboard can be found here:

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