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You may notice at this point that there is a theme among all of these resources and that is that many of the people who started these resources created them out of their own loss and wanting to help others experiencing similar issues (myself included!) Going through a lost loved one’s things can be an extremely emotional and some people just simply cannot bring themselves to do it, but know that it needs to be done. That is where Pamela and Long World Services comes in. I am excited to share this resource with you. Read below to hear more about Long World and how they just take care of it!

  • How does Long World Services help executors? We complete all of the tasks associated with putting a deceased person’s home “to rest.” Though we are based in Chicago, we are able to travel to a deceased person’s property anywhere within the U.S., typically on a very short notice. Upon arrival, we secure the home, repair it, and prepare it for resale. We also locate, ship, sell, consign, donate, and dispose of the Loved One’s belongings–all at an executor’s discretion. We can even care for and place pets that have been left behind. We like to think that by taking care of the house related tasks, we are carving out a space so that surviving friends and family can grieve.
  • Why did you start Long World Services? When I was a young adult, my Dad passed away unexpectedly. I was a lecturer at a university at the time, and securing a substitute to cover my courses was logistically trying. Even worse was facing a house out of state that was filled with my Dad’s belongings. After not being able to find a service that could complete everything related to closing his home, my siblings, husband, and I gave up and did it ourselves. The process certainly interfered with our grieving. Years later, after my husband and I closed the homes of additional loved ones who passed away, we knew it was time to start Long World.
  • Where did the name “Long World” come from? While I was planning the business, the name just came to me. But the rabbit (our mascot) is intentional: we want to tell prospective Clients that we at Long World are calm, peaceful, and energetic helpers who are ready to solve problems. And like rabbits, we appear, complete the tasks quickly and then disappear, taking the Client’s big problems with us and leaving no trace.
  • What do you wish people knew about your services and why they are so important? People who choose to put a Loved One’s home to rest by themselves don’t always consider how physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually difficult it can be, especially when there are multiple parties involved or when the home to close is out of state. I believe that most of us would not want our relatives or friends to empty our homes after we pass away. We hire accountants, nannies, lawyers, and mechanics throughout our adult lives; hiring professionals to put a home to rest is no different.
  • What is your #1 tip for closing out a home: Those closing homes on their own may want to think carefully about any of the Loved One’s belongings that they decide to keep. During emotional times, it is easy for any of us to cling to items that we do not have the emotional or physical space for in our lives. In short, it is OK to let items go, even those that the deceased person loved. Surely our Loved Ones wouldn’t want us to feel saddled with their belongings.
  • How can people find out more about Long World? We love phone calls and are happy to answer questions 24 hours a day. Our website is, and we are on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.
  • What is Long World’s pricing? We charge $1,000 for an eight-hour day with two people (my husband and I). We complete the vast majority of the services ourselves; anything we are able to do as a company—for instance, installing a door, donating furniture, setting up items with consigners, running an estate sale, or cleaning the property—is included in this price. Also, proceeds from any sales are for our Clients to keep. After seeing a property in person or though FaceTime, we provide an estimate for the number of days it will take us to put the home to rest. While there is no daily minimum for jobs in Chicagoland, we do ask for a seven-day minimum for jobs outside of this area. Simple!

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