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Serving in the role of executor can be so incredibly draining. You’ve lost a loved one and now you have so many things to do- sell the car, call the credit card companies, find titles and deeds, send off death certificates…the list can build quickly.

In starting Sunny Care Services, I’ve come across other business owners who are like-minded in the mission of wanting to help families experiencing a loss by making the path more clear and even taking on the some of the tedious work that comes with being an executor. I’m excited share these organizations with you as I know each has such a heart for the work!

I should note that some of these resources are local, some are national; some are digital and some in-person. When it comes to the hard work of serving as an executor, we can all take the help wherever we can get it!

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be introducing you to the below organizations and provide more information about how they help executors like you.

  • – technology that creates a plan for people new to their executor role and needing direction on where to start
  • Kaathy – online service that keeps families stay organized when planning funeral services
  • Fed Logic – service helping families navigate social security and other governmental benefits
  • Long World- taking on the work of cleaning out and selling property of a loved one- all around the US!

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