We Do Everything Online: Why Can’t End-of-Life Arrangements Be Planned Virtually Too?

These days, consumers know how an internet transaction should flow, and they are easily frustrated when it is not simple or convenient. The question then becomes, “Why can’t this simplicity and convenience be applied to something as critical and time-sensitive as cremation?”  

We were recently introduced to an innovative company looking to solve this issue: Lumen Cremation. Lumen Cremation brings the simplicity that has been needed for years into the cremation industry, and it is making a difference in the lives of families across the country.

When the pandemic shut down the world — eliminating the ability to travel — many families who lost loved ones were separated by thousands of miles when they needed each other most. And even before COVID-19, the days of an entire family being able to come to a funeral director’s office and make decisions at the same time were already a rarity. However, following a death, decisions have to be made quickly. And oftentimes, some family members will have to miss important discussions because the timing or distance prevents them from attending an arrangement meeting.

Lumen Cremation in Middle Tennessee noticed the trend of families struggling to be geographically close and asked the question, “What if a family could handle the logistics of planning a cremation with just a few clicks and have the gift of more time to plan a ceremony later?”

When a family decides to use Lumen Cremation, they don’t have to know every detail about how they want to celebrate their loved one’s life. They don’t even have to be in Nashville to manage the decisions. As long as they have their loved one’s vital statistics and authorization from the deceased’s next of kin, they can start the process right away online and handle payment using their credit card.

Planning a cremation online removes the time-sensitive logistics from the family and places these details into the hands of a caring professional instead. Then, once the family has their loved one’s ashes, they can take the time they need to discuss their options for a final farewell with the rest of their family. Whether it’s a week from now or maybe two months from now, they get to decide when to celebrate their loved one’s life. When a family is grieving, it can be incredibly helpful for them to have the ability to do this on their own timeline.

Below are also a few memorial and celebration options for families considering cremation for their family member:

Service Options

Having a service for your loved one is a common occurrence when it comes to the cremation process. Many like the time spent together that happens with a traditional burial service, but this kind of service is still available if the deceased is cremated. Options like a committal service or veterans’ honors are a great way for family and friends to gather and grieve together while honoring and remembering the deceased loved one.

Resting Place Options

There are different ways to go about choosing a way to honor the ashes of a loved one. There isn’t “one” typical final resting place that comes along once cremation is chosen. The family could have their ashes placed in a columbarium or follow the more typical route of having a burial. Others could choose to keep the ashes with them in their possession,so their loved one feels nearby. You could also scatter the ashes of the deceased in a place that has special meaning to them or the family. Just like all individuals are unique, the final resting place can be a great way to capture a loved one’s spirit and serve as a tender reminder to loved ones.

Personalization Options

Remembering loved ones in unique and personal ways has grown in popularity over the years. Lumen offers several options for unique urns and keepsakes that can store a loved one’s ashes. There are also several jewelry options that allow for a family member to store their loved one’s ashes. 

Cremation has evolved so much over the years, and Lumen Cremation hopes to express to  families that cremation can be convenient and simple for those who need it most.

If your family is in the process of considering cremation or preplanning, Lumen Cremation also offers many free resources that families can take advantage of, making the process even more simple. From an estate planning checklist to steps on how to best prepare, Lumen Cremation makes it easier for families to get everything they need all in one place. In fact, Sunny Care Services is also offered to Lumen families as a way to ease the burden of closing accounts, claiming benefits, and so much more.Thanks so much to the team at Lumen Cremation, and we hope you will check them out.

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