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In last week’s blog post we talked all about where your friends and family may have stored their important documents-anywhere between logical places like a safe to the more unknown places to check like…the kitchen freezer. It can feel like you are on a treasure hunt, but not a fun kind. Physical copies of estate-related documents are no doubt important to keep, but generationally we are all moving towards more comfort with storing files online and our estate documents should be no exception. Storing estate documents online can be helpful for the following reasons:

  1. Keeps everything in one place and organized so there is no hunting down documents
  2. Securely stores everything in one place (don’t worry, these sites encrypt all your data and are HIPAA compliant) so that you do not run the risk that your important files could be destroyed by a flood, fire, or any other natural disaster
  3. Encourages you to store things you may not have thought about such as where you have photos or music stored online or if you have paypal and other credit accounts
  4. Gives you peace of mind in knowing everything about your life is stored somewhere other than in your head and in case anything were to happen to you, it would save your family so much time and stress

Everplans– For $75/year Everplans allows you store everything from what you want done with your pets to what the code is to unlock your phone. It will provide the ability for you to edit and update the information stored in Everplans, allow your Deputies to view your Everplan, enable downloading of your Everplan in easy-to-read PDF format.

Lifesite-The basic version is free, however for the premium version that provides 5G of storage and up to 5 collaborators is $8.99/mo. This is a combination of templates in addition to a dropbox style document storage that allows you to upload any documents you want securely stored.

LifeFilez-For $5.99/mo you can give family or advisors access to one document or all documents and can customize each person’s level of access so they can either create, revise, update and delete documents. The system also prompts you for when to update documents. More exciting features should be coming to this system later this year, so stay tuned!

As always, Sunny Care Services wants to stress that this is not legal or financial advice, and recommends you work with an estate attorney and financial advisor to ensure you have all your estate documents in order.

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