What to Do When a Loved One Dies?

Welcome to Sunny Care Services-we are so glad you’re here. We know that many people find us because they are going through a loss, and if that is your story, we are so deeply sorry and want to be a bright spot for you. But, if you have been blessed enough not to have experience the loss of a family member, it is often difficult to describe ALL OF THE THINGS you have to do when a loved one passes. This article posted in AARP back in October 2018 perfectly explains the minutiae that this widow had to sort through upon her husband’s passing. She recounts dealing with:

  • credit card companies
  • predatory debt collectors
  • life insurance claims

and more, all while grieving the loss of her life partner. I am sure there were many times she thought to herself “Why is this so hard?”. And we agree! It is not good use of your time to argue with customer service about what the answer is to your deceased husband’s stupid secret question to unlock your shared email accounts. And that is precisely where Sunny Care Services wants to come in-let us deal with the tedious tasks so you can use your time for other, more important things, like finding your new normal. Or, at the very least, just not arguing with customer service about who your husband’s first grade teacher was.

At Sunny Care Services, we are here to help! So let us!

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We care for families going through the major life transitions brought on by an aging loved one or losing a loved one.  Our goal is to relieve the burdensome tasks from your plate so you can focus on what’s most important to you and your family.

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