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We ask this question a lot-What if something happened to you tomorrow? Is everything organized and in order so that you aren’t leaving a huge headache behind for your loved ones?

You probably think you have plenty of time and what’s the rush? Sunny Care Services was started because of my own experience with losing a family member suddenly, and certainly before we had talked about where his important documents and information were kept.

So why not go ahead and get your documents and information organized today?

This week’s blog post features our friend in the end of life advocacy space, Esther Pipoly from LOLA (Loss of Life Advocates). Esther and I recently found each other in our businesses’ like-minded mission of getting families organized before a passing and then coming alongside the surviving family members to help close out their loved one’s affairs.

So, let’s start with the easy things to organize first-your documents and information. We’ve created a FREE checklist for you of documents and information to organize for your loved ones.

But as LOLA advises, “it is more than just the paperwork around getting families prepared, it is an honest conversation about relationships. Because you won’t be there to run interference.”

When LOLA is getting families organized, they spend a great deal of time with clients talking about the dynamics of the family unit. Asking questions like:

  • Is it a blended family?
  • Are there properties from former marriages?
  • Who will be the best key person for the family to have in charge of communication in the event of an unexpected life transition?

These questions can be hard or awkward to address within your own family unit and LOLA and Sunny Care Services are here to help with both the checklists and these conversations to get families prepared for the unexpected.

Reach out to Sunny or LOLA to learn more about how we can help you!

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