Your Most Frequently Asked Questions: Part 3- Pricing

I saved the best for last-answering all of your pricing related questions in our final installment of Frequently Asked Questions.

How do we charge?

What are you paying for?

What can I expect?

Your most frequently asked around pricing are answered below. We hope that this series has been helpful in providing clarity of what we do and how we help families like yours in times of loss. Serving our families with honesty, transparency, and integrity is incredibly important to us. If we have missed any of your pricing related questions, please let us know!

  • What is your pricing? More information about our pricing can be found on our newly added pricing page. Please check out our page and also know that Sunny Care Services wants to ensure we can actually be of help to you and your family, which is why we like to do a one hour (or quicker, if you would prefer!) consultation. We want to know what your family is facing, and in times where you may just need to be connected to few resources instead of fully outsourcing, we are happy to do so free of charge. Our goal is only to engage families who need our services and families we can truly help. Please reach out to get your free family consultation scheduled.
  • What if I don’t think I need a full package and I only want to pay Sunny Care Services an hourly rate? We are able to work with clients on an hourly basis charging in 15 minute increments. Our hourly rate is $150/hour, and we typically see that the package pricing is more efficient use of resources (both Sunny’s and yours). However, we are happy to have a conversation with you to help you best determine what pricing model makes the most sense for you. We also offer custom sliding scale hourly rates if you have a custom project that you believe requires a high number of hours and does not fit within one of our packages.
  • When is payment due? We ask that 50% of the total package cost is due before we start working with you, and 50% is due after all the work is complete for you and your family. If you are working within our hourly rate pricing model, we will bill each month with reporting sent weekly of hours utilized on work related to your project.
  • Can I gift Sunny Care Services to a family member or friend? Yes, we are so happy to see this kind of generosity given to someone you love! What you are giving your family member or friend is peace of mind to know that it is taken care of-whether that be getting their estate documentation organized or closing out a lost loved one’s life. We are knowledgeable, organized, and gentle with the families we serve-ensuring everything is handled for them. No task is too big or small. If you are interested in gifting Sunny Care Services to a friend or family member, please contact us to learn more.
  • Can I prepay for Sunny Care Services After Loss Support for myself? Yes, we do offer a prepayment option of our after loss support package, as we think this a thoughtful way to ensure there is someone supporting your family and taking on the burdensome tasks of closing out your life after you pass. We ask that if you are considering prepaying for our after loss support package, Sunny Care Services’ review your current estate documentation and organization to determine if we are a good fit to support you and your family.

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