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3 Things You Need Access to After Losing A Loved One-Their Phone

When I work with families who have recently lost someone and we are needing to understand the full scope of what accounts, services, etc. were in their name, there are three things belonging to their lost loved one that are so, SO helpful to have access to:

Their (smart) phone
Their email
Their physical mail

3 Things You Need Access To After Losing a Loved one- Their Email

So many times, our family members do not leave behind a clear plan of action or treasure map of where all of their assets, accounts, and important documents live, so we have to work backward. Our blog post last week highlighted how important your lost loved one’s phone can be to uncovering accounts, subscriptions, etc. in their name, but this week we talk about another incredibly helpful tool-their email.

What to Do When a Loved One Dies?

Welcome to Sunny Care Services-we are so glad you’re here. We know that many people find us because they are going through a loss, and if that is your story, we are so deeply sorry and want to be a bright spot for you. But, if you have been blessed enough not to have experience the loss of a family member, it is often difficult to describe ALL OF THE THINGS you have to do when a loved one passes.

What’s on Our After Loss Checklist?

I remember when my dad passed away, I was in such a fog of grief that I just wanted someone to tell me what I should be doing. I’m a busy-body (and an enneagram 3) and prefer to be doing than sitting still.

Resources at a glance: Password Managers

Here are some questions I want you to answer honestly:

1. Do you have a list of all of your passwords stored somewhere? no.

2. Is your password the same for multiple accounts? yes, definitely.

3. Does your family know what online accounts you have in your name? not a chance.

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