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Our blog is focused on providing practical resources and tools for families that are navigating aging and loss.

Resources for Executors- Kaathy

As a former project manager and lover off all things organization, I am a big fan of products that help those not so naturally inclined in life’s most complex transitions. I love a good checklist and plan (as we learned in the last blog post about executor.org) and that is why I was thrilled to learn about Kaathy.

Resources for Executors- Long World Services

You may notice at this point that there is a theme among all of these resources and that is that many of the people who started these resources created them out of their own loss and wanting to help others experiencing similar issues (myself included!) Going through a lost loved one’s things can be an extremely emotional and some people just simply cannot bring themselves to do it, but know that it needs to be done. That is where Pamela and Long World Services comes in. I am excited to share this resource with you.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions: Part 1-Do We Do That?

At Sunny Care Servies, we are passionate about working with families who have lost a loved one or who are preparing for a loss, but we know that within that work can come to a lot of questions about what we can do for you, how we can serve you, and how much all of this will cost. We want to provide answers so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2- How We Help

Hopefully, you’ve read a bit about “what” Sunny Care Services does, now we cover the “hows” of Sunny Care Services. Below we answer your most frequently asked questions around how we work for you and your family and how we can help you by taking on the burdensome tasks of closing out a loved one’s life.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions: Part 3- Pricing

Your most frequently asked around pricing are answered below. We hope that this series has been helpful in providing clarity of what we do and how we help families like yours in times of loss. Serving our families with honesty, transparency, and integrity is incredibly important to us. If we have missed any of your pricing related questions, please let us know!

What Your Family Needs to Know About You

It’s that time of year when we all vow for this year to be the year…

…for getting healthy…

…for cleaning out our garage…

…for drinking less wine…

Whatever your resolution or resolutions are, I would love to suggest a different type of resolution for you: Let’s finally get all of our important information together and share it with our family!

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