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Our blog is focused on providing practical resources and tools for families that are navigating aging and loss.

What to Do with Pets When a Loved One Dies

Every time I show someone our after loss checklist and they see our line item that talks about figuring out care for the remaining pets, they say “YES-what am I supposed to do with their pets now?”

It’s a hard question and one that is tough to address especially if your loved one adored their pets and you or your family are not able to take them into your home.

What to Do with All the Stuff?

Unless you have a loved one who was exceptionally organized, often times the surviving family members are left sorting through all of their lost loved one’s stuff trying to decide what to do with it.

Introduction to Grief Resources

As I was heading to a funeral service a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that summer time reminds me of loss. It seems like every close family member I’ve lost has passed away in the summer, so the summer heat and hot tears are a close association for me.

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