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Our blog is focused on providing practical resources and tools for families that are navigating aging and loss.

Five common mistakes people make after losing a loved one

Often I see families contact Sunny Care Services after they have already started working on closing out their lost loved one’s life and have made some major missteps along the way.

It happens. Hopefully no one is an expert at dealing with the loss of a family member, so it’s expected that there are some things you can’t know until you’ve done it…and potentially made mistakes as well.

What is a Care Manager? When do I need one?

My hope is that this series of right-hand men/women illuminates the new(er) concepts and innovative companies that seek to bridge the gaps in a very broken healthcare and deathcare system.

Who helps me find a senior living community?

Here’s something that can be unbelievably overwhelming- you know you need to move your mom or dad or maybe you yourself into a senior living community but have no idea where to start.

What a Funeral Costs and How to Pay for It

Maybe you are like me and didn’t realize until you experience first hand just how much funeral and end of life services can cost.

And more importantly, how to pay for the funeral services and when that bill is due.

How I use Google Dashboard to close out a lost loved one’s life

Most of us have something set up in Google, right? Whether that’s a gmail account, youtube account, google docs, google photos, and oh my goodness the list can go for days. Google has figured out a way to integrate into almost every aspect of our lives, for better or good.

Money You may be Forgetting: Paypal, Venmo and Other Money Transfer Apps

As part of my business, I help families find assets in their lost loved one’s names. Of course, you initially think this means forgotten stocks, life insurance policies, 401ks, unclaimed property etc., but something that is even new for me is finding untapped funds within money transfer accounts. If your lost loved one had a money transfer app, they could be leaving behind balances on those accounts that could mean money back to your family.

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