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Our blog is focused on providing practical resources and tools for families that are navigating aging and loss.

My Grandma and Hulu

I love my grandma dearly, but when it comes to technology, she is as lost as last years easter egg. I recently took the time to set up a Hulu account for her so she could watch her stories and continue social distancing.

Enneagram and End of Life

I’ve worked with enough families to know that EVERY family has baggage and complex dynamics (mine included!). Add in the stress and grief-inducing…

Innovation in Senior Care-Senior Helpers LIFE profile

I love nothing more than seeing new ideas and innovative concepts brought to the elder care space. There is so much to consider and do when taking care of your elderly family members, and this blog series is intended to highlight some of the innovations and newer tools that contribute to an overall better experience for our loved ones.

2020 Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2020 gift guide. This is not the gift guide that’s here to tell you to buy that new jacket or the latest gadget, BUT we do have some great ideas that are practical, thoughtful and all around awesome gifts for those in your life.

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