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What To Do With A Body

Do you know what you want done with your body after you die?

I understand this is a bit of a gruesome topic, but let me just appeal to you for a moment. There is 100% chance of you dying.

What Do You Know About Body Donation? An Introduction to Vanderbilt’s Anatomical Donation Program

In the final post of our “what can you do with your body” series, we want to feature Vanderbilt’s Anatomical Donation Program. This program utilizes your body after you pass for clinical training of medical students-“Voluntary whole body donations by generous individuals are relied upon as a resource to help physicians and other medical personnel complete their required learning as they prepare themselves to provide outstanding care for the living.”

Resources for Executors

Serving in the role of executor can be so incredibly draining. You’ve lost a loved one and now you have so many things to do- sell the car, call the credit card companies, find titles and deeds, send off death certificates…the list can build quickly.

Resources for Executors- Kaathy

As a former project manager and lover off all things organization, I am a big fan of products that help those not so naturally inclined in life’s most complex transitions. I love a good checklist and plan (as we learned in the last blog post about executor.org) and that is why I was thrilled to learn about Kaathy.

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