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Our blog is focused on providing practical resources and tools for families that are navigating aging and loss.

What we like about Everplans

I am excited to announce that we have integrated a product into Sunny that I love and personally use for all my estate related info- Everplans!

If you have ever heard us talk in the wild, you know we are BIG advocates of Everplans. Why? Because it serves as a treasure map showing your family where everything important is located.

Grief and Loss in Quarantine

Here’s the hard and unfathomable thing about this pandemic- people are still losing family members to causes unrelated to COVID-19.

Did You Know? Unclaimed Property Overview

I remember having a meeting with Andrew Mitchell when I first started Sunny Care Services and he suggested I add an unclaimed property search to my client service checklist. “Unclaimed Property? What is that?” I thought. “And what are the odds that someone would have land/house/cars/etc in their name and not know about it?”.

Websites for Organizing Estate Documents Online

In last week’s blog post we talked all about where your friends and family may have stored their important documents-anywhere between logical places like a safe to the more unknown places to check like…the kitchen freezer. It can feel like you are on a treasure hunt, but not a fun kind.

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